Table of Contents

1. Introduction

  1. Applying to the JET Programme
  2. Facts About the JET Programme in Shimane
  3. 4 Myths About the JET Programme in Shimane
  4. Random Facts About Shimane

2. Senpai Advice

  1. 4 Ways to start off on a (legal) high!
  2. 6 Ways to spend time at school when not teaching the ABCs
  3. 5 Ways to put culture shock in its place – in the corner with a funny cap on
  4. 3 Tips for saving money and having a life now
  5. Decision making, feedback, and understanding time in Japan

3. Living in Shimane

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. What Does My JTE Want Me To Do?
  3. Japanese Etiquette
  4. Medical and Insurance Concerns
  5. Bank ATM Guide
  6. Sending Money Home
  7. A Quick Guide To Izumo-Ben
  8. Reappointment: Do I Stay Or Do I Go? 
  9. Winter Tips and Ideas
  10. Getting Your Japanese Driver’s License in Shimane
  11. Drinking and Enkai Culture in Japan
  12. How To Use L-Codes and Loppi Machines @ Lawson’s
  13. How To Use P-Codes @ Seven Eleven 
  14. Common Event Locations For Shimane Events Calendar
  15. Senpai Advice for saving money (video)
  16. Goodbye JET and Hello Future!

4. Japanese Language Resources

  1. Japanese Language Resources
  2. Japanese Language Resources No. 2
  3. Useful Language for ALTs
  4. Useful Language For CIRs
  5. Translations of Home Appliances
  6. Useful Expressions for Emergencies
  7. NHK NEWS Web Easy

5. Travel

  1. Travel Resources
  2. International Travel
  3. Leaving and Returning
  4. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

6. Archived Links

  1. Links for July 8th
  2. Links for July 24th
  3. Links for August 5th
  4. Links for August 26th

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