The PA System

In Shimane, there are four Prefectural Advisors (PAs) who work together to resolve issues and ensure smooth running of the Shimane JET Programme. Your PA team has training, experience and knowledge of Japanese culture, language, workplaces and education that can help you in making decisions and addressing questions or concerns.

Please feel free to contact us anytime, regardless of our proximity to you in the prefecture.

Enrique Jose “EJ” Legaspi

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT-PA)

Oliver Marshall

Coordinator for International Relations (CIR-PA)

Kaoru Yamamoto

JET Programme Coordinator (PA)

Ayami Moriwaki

Managing Staff (PA)

Types of PA


In Shimane, there are two JET Prefectural Advisors (JET-PAs): one ALT-PA and one CIR-PA. They are current JET participants who provide consultation to other JET participants. They also organize orientations, an annual Skill Development Conference (SDC) for ALTs, Opinion Exchange meetings, and more. Both JET-PAs have regular work duties outside of their roles as PA.

Please note that the CIR-PA/ALT-PA title refers to our employment status only! If you’re a CIR, you are very welcome to contact the ALT-PA, and as an ALT you are more than welcome to contact the CIR-PA.

For example, if you are a CIR but have an upcoming school visit, you can contact the ALT-PA for advice. Likewise, if you’re an ALT that needs help with something written in Japanese, you are free to contact the CIR-PA for advice.

Japanese PA

The Japanese Prefectural Advisors (JPAs) are primarily in charge of communicating with the various Contracting Organizations (COs) in Shimane and relaying announcements from the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), along with completing JET Programme-related administrative work. You are more than welcome to contact the Japanese PAs directly. The Japanese PAs and JET-PAs work closely together.

What Do the PAs Do?

Provide Advice and Referrals

Living and working as a foreigner in Japan can be stressful at times. Problems are magnified by cultural differences and language barriers. Your PAs can refer you to counselling services to help you overcome these difficulties. Please feel free to chat with us about culture shock, burnout, depression, stressful situations, major decisions such as re-contracting, or whatever is on your mind!

Confidentiality is strictly upheld at all times. The only exceptions to this are if a JET participant poses an imminent threat to themselves or others, if the JET has committed an illegal act or breached their contract, or if the JET participant has agreed/requested for their information to be shared with someone else.


You can consult your PAs for problems that are work-related, or problems that arise from cultural differences, educational differences, or any other issues that you encounter. Such topics may include contracts, holidays, taking paid leave, team-teaching, workplace relations, cross-cultural communication, finding a doctor, and more!

The PAs also send a weekly email newsletter called the Shimane Bulletin Board (the Shimane BB) to keep the Shimane JET community connected. In the newsletter for example, we introduce local events, provide work-related information as well as weather warnings advisories, and more! Feel free to contact us if you would like to be on our mailing list.


If you face a dispute with another party (for example, with a fellow JET or a supervisor) the PAs can offer mediation to ensure effective communication for addressing the problem. We can also offer a listening ear and advice on approaching the problem. If all parties agree, we can also offer our services in person (for example, to interpret from English to Japanese).

Crisis Response and Management

Although it is best to contact us during work hours or by scheduling an appointment, if an emergency occurs, you may contact us at any time. Such situations might include: medical emergencies, incidents of crime, bereavement, natural disasters, physical or mental trauma, personal crises (including suicidal or violent thoughts), etc. We will help you manage and deal with any such crises.

It’s important to note that PAs are not professional counsellors. In case the PAs feel that the situation requires more expertise, the PAs will (with your consent) arrange for referral to an appropriate professional.

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