Town Highlights

  • Kamate beach and onsen (15 minutes on Route. 9 towards Hamada
  • Mito Onsen: 15 minutes from downtown Masuda on 191
  • Tamagawa: 191 towards Hagi in Yamaguchi but 30 min from downtown Masuda
  • Takatsugawa: Most beautiful river in Japan runs through the heart of the city.  There is swimming and photography competition every year as well as many festivals including yabusame
  • Grand Toit: Museum: fine arts performances, movies every Sunday afternoon
  • Masuda has everything for the outdoors person-mountains for hiking, camp sites, rivers and oceans to swim, constantly being surrounded by beauty
  • Manyo Park: Camping, Lake Banyu playground, open space for sports and relaxing

Festivals and Town Events

  • Golden Week: Manyo Park Festival and Culture Festival at Grand Toit
  • Mid-June: Firefly festival in Mito
  • End of July: Masuda City Festival – filled with Yosakoi Dancing, Odori, Taiko and Kagura.
  • First week in August: Masuda Fireworks
  • September 1st: Hassaku. A Festival for Kakinomoto Shrine, there is always Yabusame (Horseback Archery) along Takatsu River in the afternoons.
  • October: Various “Aki Matsuri” (Fall Festivals) take place in smaller communities around the area.

Restaurants and Nightlife

  • Marufuku: Jazz bar with live sets on Sundays and Thursday.  In front of the station.
  • AZ: The best tacos, burgers and non Japanese food you can get in town.  In Ekimae-cho: Across the street from Lawsons.
  • Kinemon: Chonmage Beer on tap, a local brew from Hagi, only place in town that serves it.  In ekimae cho across from Chinque Italian restaurant.

Travel Tips

Within two hours or less driving radius you can go to many places around the area, such as:

  • Kintaikyo: One of the most iconic bridges of Japan. Located just outside Iwakuni City along Rt. 187. It takes about 2 hours from Masuda City.   Don’t forget to stop at “Sanzouku” on the Shimane/Yamaguchi boarder.  The most famous foods are giant musubi, yaki tori and Udon.
  • Hagi City:
  • Susa Hornfels:
  • Sandan-no-taki (Three Step Waterfalls):  Waterfalls located in Hiroshima prefecture in Sandan Valley.  They are along Rt 191 about 1.5 hrs from Masuda City.
  • Akiyoshidai / Akiyoshidou: A national park located in Yamaguchi prefecture consisting of a large cave (Akiyoshidou) and a 130 sq km pleateau consising of karst topography (Akiyoshidai).

To/From Masuda

    • San-in Train line: Masuda <-> Matsue | Masuda <-> Shimonoseki
    • Yamaguchi Train Line: Masuda <-> Yamaguchi City
    • Iwami Kotsu: local bus line that runs throughout the city
    • Night buses: Tokyo and Osaka
    • Day buses: Osaka (2x a day), Hiroshima (5x a day)

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