Counselling, Health, and First Aid

All counseling services are anonymous if you choose.

AJET Peer Support Group  :  The AJET Peer Support Group is a helpline run and staffed entirely by volunteers with psychology, helpline or counseling experience, all of whom are current JET Programme participants. PSG operates every day of the year from 8pm till 7am, to provide a safety net for JETs outside working hours. Information given in calls made to the PSG helpline is kept strictly confidential. Any enquiries about PSG and how to get involved as a volunteer can be made to The Peer Support Group helpline number is toll free at 050-5534-5566.

Tokyo English Lifeline:  Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing world-class, effective support and counseling services to Japan’s international community and helping to address the country’s growing mental health care needs.  TELL has a free, anonymous telephone counseling service available from 9am – 11pm daily.

CLAIR JETLINE :  The JET Line is a service operated by CLAIR from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:45, where JETs are able to call in and seek advice regarding any matters associated with their JET situation or their life in Japan. The JET Line is answered in English by a JET Programme Coordinator (PC). All of CLAIR’s PCs are former JETs who have received training in counseling techniques and are very well versed in JET Programme issues. The JET Line number is 03-3591-5489.

International Mental Health Professionals-Japan :  IMHPJ is a multidisciplinary professional association of therapists who provide mental health services to the international communities in Japan.
Founded in 1997, IMHPJ’s goals are to improve the quality, quantity, and accessibility of mental health services available to the international communities in Japan.

Japan Healthcare Information – JHI:  JHI locates English- Speaking Doctors and makes appointments.


Women’s Health in Shimane

Below are the contact details of hospitals and clinics, grouped by city/region.  Hospitals and clinics overseen by a female doctor, are highlighted in red.  Feel free to contact your PAs if you have any updated information.

Shimane University Hospital 89-1 Enya-Cho 0853-20-2069
Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital 4-1-1 Himehara 0853-22-5111
Eda Clinic 260 Otsu-Cho 0853-30-7888
Sato Clinic 1291-18 Enya-Cho 0853-21-0973
Sato Clinic 988-1 Shiroeda-Cho 0853-23-5883
Ozoe Clinic 4-46 Otsushinzaki-Cho 0853-22-0056
Yoshino Clinic 3091Oazakaminaoe, Hikawa-Cho, Hikawa-Gun 0853-72-7470
Watanabe Children & Ladies Clinic 836-3 Takeshi-Cho 0853-30-8020
Yasugi Municipal Hospital 1931, Hirose, Hirose-Cho 0854-32-2121
Okuizumo Hospital 1622-1 Daijiminari, Okuizumo-Cho, Nita-Gun 0854-54-1122
Jinjukai Kato Hospital 383-1 Kawamoto, Kawamoto-Machi 0855-72-0640
Matsue Red Cross Hospital 200 Horomachi 0852-24-2111
Motherly (Mazari) Clinic 2-12-33 Nishitsuda 0852-25-8588
Tagashira Ladies Clinic 4-4-50 Hamanogi, Matsue 0852-23-1103
Uchida Clinic 2-6-13 Hamanogi, Matsue 0852-55-2880
Morimoto Clinic 82 Saikamachi 0852-25-2250
Tahara Clinic 1834-6 Hanenishi, Kute-Cho 0854-82-5115
Oda District Hospital 1428-3, Yoshinaga, Oda-Cho 0854-82-0330
Egi Clinic 64 Kataniwa 0855-22-1181
Hamada Medical Center 777-12 Asai-Cho 0855-22-2300
Nakayama Clinic 10-2 Tonomachi 0855-22-0071
Gotsu Saiseikai Hospital 1016-37 Gotsu-Cho 0855-54-0101
Masuda Red Cross Hospital 103-1 Otoyoshi-Cho 0856-22-1480
Tsuwano Kyozon Hospital 141 Morimura, Tsuwano-Cho 0856-72-0660
Oki Island
Oki Dozen Hospital 2071-1 Mita, Nishinoshima-Cho 08514-7-8211
Oki Hospital 355 Johokumachi, Okinoshima-Cho, Oki-Gun 08512-2-1356
* female physician available



JETs tend to be an active bunch and this means that they sometimes get hurt.  While the PDF attachments below cover a wide and extreme range of situations, it is best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

American Red Cross First Aid Manual

Survival, Evasion, and Recovery


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