Cities and Towns

shimane_map01By now, you’re probably aware that Shimane is the second-least populated prefecture in Japan, but we’re still the 17th biggest (out of 47), which means we have a lot of diversity within the prefecture. Shimane can be roughly split into three historical regions: Iwami in Central and Western Shimane, Izumo in Eastern Shimane, and the Oki Islands located 40 – 60km off the coast in the North. All three have a unique, rich history and culture. As such, we’ve created a separate page for each municipality in Shimane, so you can get specific localized information about your new home.

Read more about your future home and other places in Shimane:

YasugiMatsueThe Oki Islands IzumoUnnanOkuizumoOdaIinanMisatoKawamotoGotsuOhnanHamadaMasudaTsuwanoYoshika

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