ATM Money Transfer Guide (Pictures)

Most Shimane JETs will have a San-in Godo Bank (a.k.a Gogin) account, into which they will receive their salary. There may be times when you’d like to transfer money from your Gogin account to an overseas account (e.g. to a personal account back home, or to family).

Transferwise is a hassle-free money transfer service, with competitive rates and full English guidance. You 1) tell Transferwise how much you’d like to send (through their website), then 2) transfer that amount to their Japanese bank account, and 3) they’ll send it abroad. This method avoids high bank fees from a direct transfer. (For other services, check out Sending Money Home)

This is a guide on how to transfer money from a Gogin ATM, with Transferwise as an example recipient. However, similar steps can be followed for transferring money to any recipient.

Step 1. Press お振込み (“o-furikomi” = money transfer).

1-main menu

Step 2. Press the green 確認 (“kakunin” = confirmation) button on the fraud warning page.

2-fraud warning

Step 3. Select whether you’ll transfer money from your Gogin account (using your cash card) or insert cash into the ATM. For this example, we will select “Cash Card.”

3-transfer method (card or cash)

Step 4. Insert your bank book (optional) and cash card.

4-insert card and bank book

Step 5. Enter your account PIN code.

5-enter PIN.png

Step 6. Enter the amount to transfer and finally press the green “yen” button.

6-enter amount

Step 7. Press the green button to confirm the transfer amount (or yellow button to change the amount, and red to cancel). In this example, we’re sending 40,000 yen.

7-amount confirmation

Step 8. Select where you’d like to transfer your money. The top button (“transfer card”) allows you to transfer to an account previously recorded on a transfer card. The middle button is for transferring to Gogin’s main branch. The bottom button is for transferring to another financial institution. For Transferwise, select the bottom button.

8-transfer destination main selection

Step 9. Select 銀行 (“ginko” = bank) for the institution type. For Transferwise, you will be transferring into their Mitsubishi UFJ Bank account (Ebisu branch). In case you need to go back a screen, press the yellow button at the bottom.

9-select bank

Step 10. Select ミ (mi) for “Mitsubishi UFJ Bank.”

10-select bank name initial kana.png

Step 11. Select 三菱UFJ銀行 (Mitsubishi UFJ Bank).

11-select bank name.png

Step 12. Press エ (e) for “Ebisu Branch.”

12-select branch initial kana.png

Step 13. Select 恵比寿支店 (Ebisu Branch).

13-select branch name

Step 14. Select 普通 (“futsuu” = normal) on the “Account Type” page.

14-select account type

Step 15. Enter the account number of the recipient. For Transferwise, it is 0785985.

15-enter account number

Step 16. Once you have entered the recipient’s account number, press the green confirmation button.

16-press confirm for account number

Step 17. A detailed summary page of the transfer will appear (date of transfer in red, and sender/recipient information in green). For Transferwise, you will receive a reference code by email, and you must include this reference in the summary information. For Gogin ATMs, this reference can be written in the name field (circled below). To add the reference code, press the yellow 変更 (“henko” = edit) button.

17-initial summary page

Step 18. Select あなたのお名前 (“your name”), as we will overwrite the name field to include the reference code.

18-change item

Step 19. A Japanese keyboard and numbers will appear. To switch to the English keyboard, press the 英字・記号 (“eiji / kigo” = English letters / symbols) button.

19-change to alphabet

Step 20. To switch back to the Japanese keyboard, press the pink カナ文字 (“kana moji” = Japanese letters) button.

20-change to kana and numerals

Step 21. Once you have entered the reference code, press the green confirmation button.

21-confirm name change

Step 22. Enter your phone number and finally press the green confirmation button.

22-enter phone number

Step 23. On the updated summary page, the name field now contains the reference code instead of your name. Press the green confirmation button to complete the transfer.

23-confirm updated name in summary

Step 24. You can create a “transfer card” containing the recipient’s details, so that you can transfer money to the same recipient in the future, without re-entering everything. To create a transfer card (for free), select the left “transfer card needed” button. If you do not need a transfer card, select the right button.

24-transfer card request

Step 25. Remove your cash card (and bank book if applicable), and take your receipt. Finished!

25-remove card and take receipt.png


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