Museums & Galleries of the Izumo Region

Looking for something to do on your time off? Interested in art, science, or Shimane’s history? Shimane has got you covered!

Here is some alphabetical information on the museums and art galleries of the Izumo Region. A separate article will provide information on galleries and museums in the Iwami/Oki Regions of the Prefecture; hopefully this week.

We hope you find this information useful. If you know of any other locations for this list, or have any corrections please comment or e-mail one of the Shimane PAs.

Iinan Town (飯南町)

Iinan Folk Museum ・飯南町民俗資料館

Among its collection, this museum boasts 150 traditional items for use during snowy periods.

Izumo City (出雲市)

Archeological Museum Kojindani ・荒神谷博物館

Guests can learn about the mysteries of the Kojindani site, where numerous ancient bronze artefacts have been uncovered.

  • Opening Hours: 9AM ~ 5PM (Last entry 4:30PM)
  • Holiday: Every Tuesday (following day in the event of a public holiday/exhibition changeover), exhibition changeover periods, New Year’s holiday
  • Adult Entry: ¥205
  • Website (Japanese only):
  • Map:

Hirata Honjin Memorial Museum ・出雲市立平田本陣記念館

An art museum in Izumo focusing on traditional Japanese art.

Imaoka Art Museum ・今岡美術館

Focused on art of the natural world, this museum changes its exhibitions with the seasons.

Izumo Cultural Traditions Museum ・出雲文化伝承館

Introducing the local culture, art, and history of the Izumo area to guests.

Izumo Folk Craft Museum ・出雲民芸館

Located in a traditional Japanese house, this museum introduces pottery and earthenware from the Izumo Region.

The Izumo Museum of Quilt Art ・出雲キルト美術館

With exhibitions that change with seasons, this converted traditional Japanese resident is home to stunning quilts made from vintage kimonos.

Izumo Science Center ・出雲科学館

Explore & understand science by getting hands-on. The Center holds regular events on weekends to educate guests.

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine Treasure House ・出雲大社宝物殿

Displays ancient artifacts relating to Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine including National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties.

Shimane Flower Park “Shimane Hana-no-Sato” ・島根県花ふれあい公園「しまね花の郷」

A flower park to promote the beauty of Shimane’s flowers. Regularly holds events on weekends.

  • Opening Hours: March – November 9:30AM ~ 17:00; December – February 9:30AM ~ 4:30PM
  • Holiday: No regular holiday March – November, closed Tuesday between December ~ February (following day in the event of a public holiday), Dec 29th ~ Jan 3rd
  • Adult Entry: ¥200
  • Website (Japanese Only):
  • Map:

Shimane Museum of Anicent Izumo ・島根県立古代出雲歴史博物館

Learn about the history of Izumo Taisha and the surrounding area. Regularly holds special exhibitions, too.

  • Opening Hours: March – October 9AM ~ 6PM, November – February 9AM ~ 5PM
  • Holiday: 3rd Tuesday of every month (following day in the event of a public holiday)
  • Adult Entry: ¥600
  • English Audio Guide is available
  • Website:
  • Map:

Shinjiko Nature Museum GOBIUS ・島根県立宍道湖自然観 ゴビウス

A nature museum and park demonstrating the magnificent flora and fauna of Lake Shinji and its surrounds.

  • Opening Hours: 9:30AM ~ 5PM (Last entry 4:30PM)
  • Holiday: Every Tuesday (following day in the event of a public holiday), Dec 28th ~ 31st
  • Adult Entry: ¥500
  • Website (Japanese Only):
  • Map:

Susanoo Museum ・スサノオ館

Brings the legend of Susanoo back to life.

Tezen Museum ・手銭記念館

See arts and crafts from the Izumo Region displayed in this converted traditional storage facility.

Matsue City (松江市)

Eshirou Abe Memorial Museum ・安部榮四郎記念館

A memorial museum about Eshirou Abe, a master of Japanese paper.

Izumo Kanbenosato ・出雲かんべの里

Divided into three sections, the Kanbenosato will teach you all about the culture, history, and natural environment of the Izumo Region. Also features a restaurant that serves local specialties, made with local ingredients.

  • Opening Hours: 9AM ~ 5PM (Last Entry 4:30)
  • Holiday: Every Tuesday (If Tuesday is a public holiday, the Museum will be closed the following day instead),  December 29th ~ January 3rd 
  • Adult Entry: ¥200
  • Website (Japanese Only):
  • Map:

Kashima Folk Museum ・松江市立鹿島歴史民俗資料館

A collection of pieces detailing local history, customs, and performing arts.

 Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum ・小泉八雲記念館

Artifacts collected from the life of Lafcadio Hearn, focused on his time in Matsue.

Matsue Hisotry Musuem ・松江歴史館

A retelling of Matsue history using historical artifacts, video, and miniatures. Tea & Japanese confectionery cafe on-site.

  • Opening Hours: April – September 8:30AM ~ 6:30PM, October – March 8:30AM ~ 5PM (Last entry 30 minutes before closing)
  • Holiday: Third Thursday of every month (following day in the event of a public holiday)
  • Adult Entry: ¥500
  • English audio guides available.
  • Website (Japanese Only):
  • Map:

Matsue Tama Bead Museum ・松江市立玉作資料館

The only museum in Japan detailing the ancient history of the Magatama beads.

  • Opening Hours: 9AM ~ 5PM (Last entry 4:30PM)
  • Holiday: Every Monday (following day in the event of a public holiday), Dec 28th ~ Jan 4th
  • Adult Entry: ¥200
  • Map:

Matsue Yakumo Local Culture Preservation & Education Facility ・松江市八雲郷土文化保存伝習施設

A facility focused on education and display of local artifacts, especially those related to agriculture.

  • Opening Hours: 9AM ~ 5PM
  • Holiday: Every Wednesday, days following public holidays, Dec 28th~Jan 5th. Only open mornings on Saturday.
  • Adult Entry: ¥105
  • Map:

Meteor Plaza ・メテオプラザ

In addition to the Museum, there’s also a sauna and pool available to use for a separate fee.

Monument & Museum – Kimachi Stone ・モニュメント・ミュージアム 来待ストーン

A museum dedicated to the history (and future) of the Kimachi stone, used in stone lanterns. You can also participate in pottery and carving workshops, for a fee. There’s also an on-site restaurant.

Shimane Art Museum ・島根県立美術館

Shimane’s art museum. Features special exhibitions and short-term exhibitions. Come see the art, enjoy a meal at the on-site Italian restaurant, and then watch the sun set of Lake Shinji.

  • Opening Hours: March – September 10AM ~ 30 minutes after sunset; October – February 10AM ~ 6:30PM
  • Holiday: Every Tuesday (If Tuesday is a public holiday, the Museum will be closed the following day instead).
  • Closed December 28th ~ January 1st every year.
  • Adult Entry: ¥1,000 for special exhibitions
  • Website (English):
  • Map:

Shimane Prefecture Yakumotasu-Fudoki-no-Oka ・島根県立八雲立つ風土記の丘展示学習館

Learn the history of the Ancient Izumo Region.

Shimane University Museum ・島根大学ミュージアム

A collection of items found during the research and study at Shimane University, including many excavated items.

The Tanabe Museum of Art ・田部美術館

Features art and crafts, including scrolls, ceramics, tea ceremony artifacts, and more.

Yaegaki Shrine Artifacts ・八重垣神社収蔵庫

Artwork and artifacts relating to the Shrine and its history.

Okuizumo Town (奥出雲町)

The Itohara Memorial Museum ・絲原記念館

A history of and memorial to one of the tatara iron production method’s masters.

Kabeya Museum ・可部屋集成館

Housed in the Sakurai Traditional Residence, this Museum teaches guests about local history, the tatara iron production process, and local myths.

Okuizumo Tane Museum of Natural History ・奥出雲多根自然博物館

Explore the natural history of the planet Earth.

Yokota Local Museum ・横田郷土資料館

A recreation of a farm house from the Taisho Period (1912-1926).

Unnan City (雲南市)

Historical Museum of Iron ・鉄の歴史博物館

The history of Yoshida-cho told through the development of the tatara iron production method.

Kamo Iwakura Ruins Guidance ・加茂岩倉遺跡ガイダンス

Surrounded by green forests, this facility introduces guests to the Iwakura Ruins, the home of the mysterious bronze bells.

Takashi Nagai Memorial Museum ・永井隆記念館

A memorial to the famed radiology physician and Catholic convert, Takashi Nagai.  

Yasugi City (安来市)

Adachi Museum of Art ・足立美術館

Famous for its stunning Japanese garden, voted best Japanese garden in Japan 11 years running by the American Journal of Japanese Gardening, this museum focuses on classic and modern Japanese artists.

Kano Museum of Art ・加納美術館

Traditional and modern Japanese artworks and craft, including pottery and carvings.

  • Opening Hours: 10AM ~ 4:30PM (Last entry 4PM)
  • Holiday: Every Tuesday (If Wednesday is a public holiday, the Museum will be closed the following day instead).
  • Closed December 25th ~ Janaury 10th.
  • Adult Entry: ¥1,000
  • Website (Japanese Only):
  • Map:

Kiyomizudera Temple Treasure Museum ・清水寺宝蔵

National and Prefectural treasure’s relating to Kiyomizudera Temple in Yasugi.

Yasugi City History Museum ・ 安来市立歴史資料館

Focuses on the history of the region from the Warring Period to the modern day.

Wakou Museum ・和鋼博物館

Japan’s only museum focusing on the traditional tatara production method of steel.

  • Opening Hours: 9AM ~ 5PM (Last Entry 4:30)
  • Holiday: Every Wednesday (If Wednesday is a public holiday, the Museum will be closed the following day instead), Dec 29th ~ Jan 3rd 
  • Adult Entry: ¥500
  • Website (Japanese Only):
  • Map:

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