Links for March 11th, 2014

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of the Earthquake-Tsunami Disaster in Eastern Japan. While the recovery effort continues in the affected regiongs, it is important to remember those who passed away, those who were injured, and those who lost their homes. The effect has been felt, not only in the region, but across the whole country. I would like to share this video, which includes the story of Taylor Anderson, one of the two JETs who were killed in the disaster. The video, as a whole, was one of the most powerful representations of the effect of the disaster.

This week, there is a new section of links, ‘日本語’, which will include article in Japanese, some of which are and will continue to be Japanese versions of a subset of the English links. I hope some people try them out. Tomorrow, I intend to post a report about the last 12 weeks of the links articles, as a way of sharing information about what you are reading, as a whole.

As always, please let us know if you have any suggestions. All articles and opinions are presented as-is and do not necessarily reflect the personal opinions of the PAs, Shimane Prefecture, or the JET Programme.





Pop Culture

Food & Drink



Finally, my personal top 3 Japanese words of the last week were:

歳入[さいにゅう・sainyuu]: Revenue

予算[よさん・yosan]: Budget

酸素[さんそ・さんそ]: Oxygen

Wishing you all a very relaxing week!



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