Links for February 17th, 2014

Apologies for no links last week, but I was freezing in Hokkaido falling down, eating ramen, and  looking at snow and ice sculptures. I had a good time. This week, I will be, in addition to working on the translation of the report for the Opinion Exchange Meetings, working on two new articles for this blog. I hope to have them up and available soon and I am sure you are all waiting with intense anticipation.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions. All articles and opinions are presented as-is and do not necessarily reflect the personal opinions of the PAs or the JET Programme.



Pop Culture


Food & Drink


My Top 3 Japanese words of the last week were:

負担[ふたん・futan]: Burden

彫刻する[ちょうこくする・choukoku・suru]: To engrave

入学式[にゅうがくしき・nyuugakushiki]: [School] Entrance Ceremony

And that’s it for a week. Now enjoy these gifs. Members of the band Tokio were tasked with finding which items in a room were made with chocolate.













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