Links For February 3rd, 2014

Another week, another set of links. The Opinion Exchange Meetings have been finished up; we were able to collect a lot of opinions from ALTs around the Prefecture and we’ll be collating them into the final report over the next few weeks. Please have patience as we have ~6 hours of material to go parse, translate and convert into somethign cohesive.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions. All articles and opinions are presented as-is and do not necessarily reflect the personal opinions of the PAs or the JET Programme.



Pop Culture




My Top 3 Japanese words of the last week were:

炭水化物[たんすいかぶつ・tansuikabutsu]: Carbohydrate

耕す[たがやす・tagayasu]: To plow/cultivate land

再任用する[さいにんようする・saininyou-suru]: Re-contract (at least relating to JETs)

This week we go out with a “RAWR”. 



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