Links For January 29th, 2014

Another week, another set of links. Two of the three opinion exchanges have been held and have gone quite well. We look forward to the final one on Friday in Matsue. Due to the meetings, and an event yesterday, the articles page is coming today. I apologize if anyone was extra bored at work this Monday due to the delay.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions. All articles and opinions are presented as-is and do not necessarily reflect the personal opinions of the PAs or the JET Programme.



Pop Culture




My Top 3 Japanese words of the last week were:

愚痴 [ぐち・guchi]: A complaint or whinge about a 3rd party.

暗殺[あんさつ・ansatsu]: Assassination

領有権問題[りょうゆうけんもんだい・ryouyuuken-mondai]: Territorial dispute

A rather random group of words maybe, but it was an interesting week.

Finally, here is an octopus showing that they’re just as smart as people.



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