Links For December 16th

This week, is the third last week of the year and many JETs will soon be making their way home, or to warmer (or colder, I suppose) climates, for a much deserved and well earned holiday. The PAs wish everyone a very safe journey there, and back again. Don’t forget your passports.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions. All articles and opinions are presented as-is and do not necessarily reflect the personal opinions of the PAs or the JET Programme.



Pop Culture




My Top 3 Japanese words of the last week were:

三日坊主[みっかぼうず・Mikka-bouzu]: To give up easily [lit. ‘3 day priest’]

女権[じょけん・joken]: Women’s Rights

児童虐待[じどうぎゃくたい・jidou-gyakutai]: Child abuse

Finally, here is a monkey stealing food. Look for the baby holding the watermelon!



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