Links for November 26th

Another week, another set of links. Once again, if you have any feedback (or links to share) please e-mail us. The CIR Conference in Tokyo ended safely and there was much joy as it signals the last major project/event for the rest of the year for many people (mainly me).  This week, the PA team will begin planning the ALT Opinion Exchange Meetings, which will be held in January. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the events. We will share details ASAP.








My Top 3 Japanese words of the last week were:

公民館 [こうみんかん・kouminkan]: Community Center

予想外[よそうがい・yosougai]: Unexpected

黄熱病 [おうねつびょう・Ounetsubyou]: Yellow Fever

A rather random group of words maybe, but it was an interesting week.

Finally, if you’re having a bad day here’s a puppy. Hopefully it makes you feel better. 



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