Links for November 18th

You thought we were done with these and you were right, but now they’re back because it’s cold and typing keeps my fingers warm. I hope all the ALTs have made it back safely after the SDC at Sun Lake and I wish all the CIRs safe travels to Chiba for the National Conference this week.














My Top 3 Japanese words of the last week were:

大使 [たいし・taishi]: Ambassador (as in Caroline Kennedy)

盗撮 [とうさつ・tousatsu]: To take an illicit or inappropriate photograph of someone secretly (upskirting, for example)

吐き気 [はきけ・hakike]: Nausea

The Little Places

Have you visited the Eishiro Abe Memorial Museum yet? It’s a cool, little museum that lets you learn about this man, who was the master of Japanese paper, aka ‘washi’, and the techniques he used. You can even make some Japanese paper of your own using traditional techniques for a small fee. No booking required, but you can book in advance if you’d like.

Where: 1754 Higashi-Iwasaka, Yakumo-cho, Matsue-shi (Google Maps:

Opening Hours: 9:00 ~ 16:30

*Closed every Tuesday.

Entry: ¥500 for adults

TEL.: 0852-54-1745

Home Page:

Finally, if you’re having a bad day – at least it’s not as bad as this (probably):



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