The 2013 ALT Opinion Exchange Meetings

Each year in January numerous ALTs gather in Hamada, Izumo, and Matsue to discuss their work, lives, and satisfaction with the JET Programme in Shimane. We consider this an important part of our yearly schedule and we encourage all ALTs, especially first years, to attend in order to provide us with your feedback.

The dates for the 2013 ALT Opinion Exchange Meetings have been set as follows:


When: 13:30~15:30, 15th (Tues) January, 2013
Hamada Joint Government Building (浜田市合同庁舎).

The room number will be posted at the main entrance on the day.


When: 13:30~15:30, 23rd (Wed) January, 2013
Izumo Joint Government Building (出雲市合同庁舎).

The room number will be posted at the main entrance on the day.


When: 9:30~11:30, 25th (Fri), January, 2013
Meeting Hall, Shimane Prefectural Office Building (会議棟島根県庁)

*Please meet Josh/Damien in the 1st floor lobby of the main building at least 5 minutes prior to the meeting beginning.

What should I bring?

You don’t have to come with anything, but bringing a pen & paper for notes if you think you would like to take some.

What should I wear?

Your regular clothing for school will be sufficient. Formal wear/a suit is not required.

What happens to the information?

Your opinions will be collected, collated, and translated into Japanese and distributed to BoEs and schools across the Prefecture, anonymously. We’ll let you know via the BB once it’s been sent out, please make sure that they read it! We also plan on sending a PDF version of the report (in English/Japanese) to all ALTs.

What about our supervisors?

Supervisors gather separately with the JPAs at the same time and talk about their own opinions, problems, questions and concerns regarding the JET Programme. These are also part of the report that gets sent out to BoEs.

What about CIRs?

CIRs have their opinion exchange meeting during their mid-year conference in October.

What will we be talking about?

We will be covering the following topics broadly. Feel free to bring up anything  that’s on your mind , with regards to the Programme, during each section.

Pre-Departure: Contact with your supervisor/predecessor, the Welcome Handbook, and contact with the PAs.

Arrival: Tokyo Orientation, initial contact with schools/supervisors, the Japanese language course in Matsue, Shimane Orientation.

Post-Arrival: Job/Life satisfaction, placements, workloads, problems/difficulties in the workplace, positive things about your job.

PA-related: The BB, the Event Calendar, ‘mass e-mails’, this website.

Reappointment: A general discussion on where everyone is at regarding staying or leaving.


*As it is a large group discussion, we anticipate that certain personality types may dominate the conversation. In acknowledgement of this, we may ask people directly to share opinions to make sure everyone has their chance to speak.

*While this is a great time for open discussion about work, it is not a group therapy session and time is limited so we may have to move on from a topic to ensure we cover everything. If you have any larger-scale concerns that cannot be covered in the time or framework of the Opinion Exchange Meeting you are welcome to contact Josh or Damien at any time, pre- or post-meeting.

*This is a work function and we expect everyone’s behaviour to be professional. Please refrain from private conversations, using your mobile phone, or other anti-social behaviour during the session.

Let Josh or I know if you have any questions about the sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the next few weeks!


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