Common Event Locations For Shimane Events Calendar

Something that we’ve recognized is that the event calendar does not always include the most accurate address/location information for the events. While more effort will be made in including maps on new events as they are added in the future, here’s a link to Google Maps for some of the most common event locations on the Calendar for your reference.

Gostu City

  1. Milky Way Hall

Hamada City

  1. Sekiou Culture Hall/石央文化ホール
  2. Sekisho Art Museum/石正美術館
  3. Hamada Children’s Museum of Art/浜田市世界こども美術館

Izumo City

  1. Izumo Dome/出雲ドーム
  2. Livehouse Apollo
  3. Big Heart Izumo/ビッグハート出雲
  4. Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo/古代出雲歴史博物館
  5. Archaeological Museum of Kojindani/荒神谷博物館
  6. Tezen Memorial Museum/手銭記念館
  7. Izumo Culture Preservation Museum/出雲文化伝承館

Matsue City

  1. Shimane Civic Center/島根県民会館
  2. Plover Hall/プラバホール
  3. Shimane Art Museum/島根県立美術館
  4. Matsue Terrsa/松江テルサ
  5. Naked Space
  6. Matsue History Museum/松江歴史館
  7. Matsue English Garden/松江イングリッシュガーデン

Masuda City

  1. Grand Toit/グラン・トワ

Oda City

  1. Sun Lady Oda/サンレディー大田
  2. Nima Sand Museum/仁摩サンドミュージアム

Unnan City

  1. Cheriver Hall/チェリヴァホール
  2. Kodai Tetsu Song Hall/古代鉄歌謡館

Yasugi City

  1. Adachi Museum of Art/足立美術館
  2. Kano Museum of Art/加納美術館

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