How To Use P-Codes @ Seven Eleven

You may have noticed on the Shimane JET Event Calendar that there are ‘P-Codes’ (Pコード) listed for some of the events. These P-Codes can be used at the Loppi (ロッピー) Machines at Lawson’s to search for and buy tickets. Below is a translated guide based on the instructions found here about how to use the codes to go to all the events you want to.

1. Buying Tickets

You can buy tickets for applicable events at Seven Eleven’s Multi-Copy Machines from 10AM on the first day the tickets are on general sale, but you will require a P-Code. Please confirm you have the correct P-Code in advance. The Machines employ a touch-screen interface.

2. Purchasing Event Tickets

  1. Select “チケットぴあ” (Ticket Pia). This is the big button to the right of the screen.
  2. Select “Pコードで探す” (Search with P-Code) on the left of the screen. You can also search by keyword by selecting the right-hand button.
  3. Enter you P-Code onto the next screen using the number pad.
  4. Select your event from the list that appears.
  5. Select the location (会場) of the list that appears.
  6. Select the date (日付) of the event.
  7. Select the time of your event (公演時間).
  8. Select the type of seat you want.
  9. Select the amount of tickets you want (枚数 or 注文数).
  10. Unless you are a member, select 一般 (regular).
  11. Once you have confirmed your order, select “OK”.
  12. Agree to the Terms of  Service regarding use of personal data by selecting 同意する (I agree)
  13. Enter your last name (姓) then first name (名). This must be done in katakana.
  14. Enter your telephone number (電話番号). Don’t forget to include dashes!
  15. Confirm your data and select “OK”.
  16. A receipt will print out.
  17. Confirm the details on the receipt once more, go to the counter and pay. You will then receive your tickets. You have 30 minutes to make the payment once the receipt is printed out.

You can hit “戻る” at any stage to return to the previous screen.


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