How To Use L-Codes & Loppi Machines @ Lawson’s

You may have noticed on the Shimane JET Event Calendar that there are ‘L-Codes’ (Lコード) listed for some of the events. These L-Codes can be used at the Loppi (ロッピー) Machines at Lawson’s to search for and buy tickets. Below is a translated guide based on the instructions found here about how to use the codes to go to all the events you want to.

1. Buying Tickets

You can buy tickets for applicable events at Lawson’s Loppi Machines from the first day the tickets are on general sale, but you will require an L-Code. Please confirm you have the correct L-Code in advance. The machines employ a touch-screen interface.

2. Purchasing Sports Events, Concerts, Plays, Musicals, & Comedy Performance Tickets

  1. Select “各種サービスメニュー” (Various Service Menu). This is the big button to the very right of the screen.
  2. On the menu that pops up, select the top option, which reads “スポーツ/コンサート/演劇・ミュージカル・お笑い/会員向けサービス/ファンクラブ入会・継続(Sports/Concert/Plays, Musicals, Comedy Performances/Members’ Services/Fan Club Entry & Renewal).
  3. On the sub menu that pops up, select the top option again, which reads “チケットの直接購入” (Direct Ticket Purchase).
  4. Check you have your L-Code and select the top option that appears on the new sub-menu “Lコードで探す” (Search by L-Code).
  5. Enter your L-Code using the number pad.
  6. Confirm the event is correct by hitting “確認”.
  7. Select the number of tickets you would like Adults (大人) and Children (子供). You may also have to select the time/date (時折・時間・日付) of your tickets, if purchasing an event that lasts some time (e.g. a musical).
  8. Once everything is correct, select “確認” again to confirm.
  9. The machine will prompt you to re-confirm the ticket number, date, time, service charges, and cost. Once you have confirmed all these select “確認”.
  10. A receipt will print out from the machine. Take the receipt to the counter and pay for your tickets there. You have 30 minutes to pay once your receipt is printed. Please note that you have not purchased your tickets until you pay at the register.

Other Events & Places

Using this service, you can also by tickets to places like the Ghibli Museum, Universal Studios Japan, the Osaka Aquarium and many theme parks and attractions around Japan. This can be done by selecting “交通チケット/テーマパーク/イベント・ショー/サーカス/映画/ジブリ美術館/トラベル” (Transport tickets/Theme Parks/Events & Shows/Circus/Movies/Ghibli Museum/Travel), the second option at Stage 2 above and then selecting the middle option in the sub menu that appears on the right hand side.


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