Senpai Advice

Greetings Shimane JETs,

I would like to offer all of you a chance to share your voices and creativity with other JETs in Shimane and across Japan.  All of the new Shimane JETs and future Shimane JETs are fortunate to have an updated and timeless Shimane AJET website.  And since August, your PAs have been working on providing the Shimane JETs with timely information through the Shimane PA Resources website.  Now we would like to provide all of you, a chance to share your opinions and stories through Senpai Advice.  Basically, Senpai Advice will be videos by Shimane JETs that are hosted on Youtube.  We will embed these videos in the Shimane PA Resources website as well as share the links in the weekly BB.
Why have Senpai Advice?  First, other JET communities across Japan have created similar venues to allow and to encourage fellow JETs to share ideas and to help each other.  Second, I think it is a great chance to tap the expertise each of you possess.  Some of you may think, “I’m only an expert in multi-tasking between Facebook updates and Words With Friends.”  Whether you realize this or not, all of you have something positive and worthwhile to share with others.  Even if you think it’s a mundane thing to share, it might help someone else.
In the Senpai Advice videos, you are free to talk about a wide range of issues like classroom management, conflict resolution in the workplace, culture shock, and making the best of winter.  Or if you want to keep your video light and easy, that is totally acceptable too.  In fact, the little things are quite valuable and interesting for others.  For example, you can share a unique way of how you use Japanese ingredients in your cooking.  Or you can share with others how you prepare your home for the winter.  Or you can introduce an activity or technique that you have found successful for teaching English, learning Japanese, or for staying healthy.  We’ll take almost any video of yours that can be beneficial for others living in Shimane and across Japan.  And since these videos will be public, we have included some guidelines below.

1.  Senpai Advice videos can be up to 15 minutes in length.
2.  Senpai Advice videos must be culturally sensitive.
3.  Senpai Advice videos must not include any political or religious commentary.
4.  Senpai Adive videos must be ready to be directly uploaded to Youtube.
5.  Senpai Advice videos must be sent to while using

The Shimane PAs will view your submissions before posting it online.  If you are camera shy and don’t want to show your face, that is fine as long as your voice is clear and easy to understand.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Josh Del Pino at  We look forward to seeing your creative videos.


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