Leaving and Returning

If you are planning to travel abroad, a Re-Entry Permit is no longer necessary for JETs to re-enter Japan. Please present your passport, Residence Card (在留カード = zairyu kaado) and fill out an ’embarkment card for re-entry’ at departure and re-entry. You can find these cards immediately before going through immigration at the aiport/port of your choosing.

As of July 9th 2012, foreign residents residing in Japan are no longer required to have a re-entry permit in order to re-enter the country as long as you return within twelve months of departing Japan and still hold a valid visa.

In July 2015, the reentry forms changed.

At your point of departure, you will be required to present both your passport and your Residence Card (在留カード = zairyu kaado) in order to ensure that you can return. Please tick the box indicating you would like to return to Japan on the Embarkation Card.再入国用EDカード

They will staple the other half of the ‘disembarkmention form’ in your passport.

On return to Japan, enter the ‘Re-entry for Foreign Residents'(Yellow Line). Please make sure to fill out the ‘re-embarkment form’ (stapled in your passport) and hand it in along with your passport and Residence Card (在留カード = zairyu kaado) upon re-entry.

If you have detailed questions, please visit the Matsue Regional Immigration Bureau (広島入国管理局松江出張所 = Hiroshima Nyukoku Kanri-kyoku Matsue Shuccho-sho), located on the 4th floor of the Matsue Regional Affairs Office (松江地方合同庁舎 = Matsue Chiho Godo Chosha). The office is located across the street from Kunibiki Messe (くにびきメッセ) on Kunibiki Dori, a five minute walk across the Kunibiki Bridge from Matsue Station.

If you have any questions about the New Residency Management System please contact the Immigration Information Center at 0570-013904 (8:30~17:15, Mon-Fri).

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