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International travel from Japan is quite easy and can be economical; however, Shimane does not have an international airport, so you will need to depart from outside the prefecture.  From Shimane, the most popular ports of departure are Kansai International Airport (in Osaka) and Narita International Airport (in Tokyo). Other frequented ports are Hiroshima Airport and Fukuoka Airport. Yonago Airport (in Tottori Prefecture, north-east of Shimane, ~45 min/990円 bus ride from Matsue station) has flights to Seoul (Incheon), Korea and Hong Kong, making it possible for you to reach many international destinations via Seoul or HK.

If you travel internationally, be sure your visa for Japan and the country that you are traveling to are current.  If you need help determining whether you need to obtain a separate visa for the country you want to visit, you can consult your embassy.

The easiest way to learn about your travel options and the applicable fares is to look for ads and specials run in the English language editions of the Japanese newspapers, or via the Internet- Google Flights is a great resource.  Several discount travel companies continually boast the “lowest prices in Japan” but it is always best to shop around.  A couple of popular companies used by JETs in Shimane are: H.I.S. Travel, No. 1 Travel, JTB, and Across Travel.  You can find these companies online.  As well, ask your fellow JETs for advice.


If you are leaving Japan for any amount of time, no matter how brief, it is a good idea to let people know what your plans are.  JETs in the past have been abroad during time of crisis and disaster and, as is to be expected, a great number of people were left worrying about their wellbeing.  For your safety and everyone’s peace of mind, please leave a travel itinerary behind for your Contracting Organisation and supervisor.


Exercise caution when traveling abroad and pay attention to special travel advisories.  Furthermore, be careful about posting online (e.g., on Facebook or Twitter) about being away on holiday.  You’re basically letting people know that you’re not at home, and you never know who might be reading and thinking about breaking in to your place.


Make sure you have the necessary tourist visa. Most tourist visas can be obtained in that country upon entry or prior to departure from Japan. The following information below lists popular destinations from Japan and provides information only for obtaining visas in Japan prior to departure.

Use the following info as a guide. Prices and visa requirements may vary and are subject to change. All information is correct as of April 2007 and relate to the Tourist Visa class only.

Whether you need a visa or not depends on what your citizenship is, (and not necessarily where you were born, where you are from or where you are currently living), that is, what passport do you hold. Be sure to confirm with the relevant Embassy or Consulate for the most up-to-date information.

Most visa applications can be arranged yourself through the post. However, some require you to apply in person at the relevant Embassy in Tokyo. Most travel agents will also arrange visa – usually for a fee. Ensure you have a re-entry permit before you go so that you will be allowed back into Japan.

Other notes:

Where an application is made by post from within Japan – send cash (yen). Some embassies may accept US dollars. When sending cash in the mail, go to the post office and use registered mail – genkin kakitome (a special registered postal envelope used for money) You must send your original passport. Passports will generally require at least 6 months validity (ie not expire within the next 6 months) Make sure the passport-sized photos you send are fairly recent. Do not wear sunglasses or a hat. Make sure the background is white and the photo is in color (not a black and white photo) Some countries do not require a tourist visa. Where a tourist visa is not required, there is a stay limit that is usually 30 days.

Destination – Vietnam

Visa required: Yes. All nationalities require a tourist visa.

Exceptions: Citizens of: Japan, Korea, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and British citizens (If you have a different type of British nationality – for example ‘British national (overseas)’- you’ll need to get a visa or an e-visa before entering Vietnam.).

Length of stay (max.): 30 days. Single entry visa only.

Cost: Approx 6000yen

Application Method: Online, Post or in person

What you need: 2 photos (4cm x 6cm or 3cm x 4cm), original passport, application form, visa fee

Application Procedure: Fill out application form, send with the above items to the address below. Send cash through the mail. Go to the post office and ask for a genkin kakitome (registered mail containing cash).Or visit Embassy in person.

Recently, you can get a visa guarantee online for around US$12 then pay a further US$25(bring with you two photos) in cash on entry. Note: Since Japanese nationals have a visa-exception many airlines are confused about the entry requirements and may not understand your visa situation. Make sure to bring all documents.

Mail address/Contact Info: Embassy of Vietnam in Tokyo

50-11, Motoyoyogi-cho

Shibuya Ku

Tokyo 151, Japan

No website.

Ph- (8313) 3466 3313

or online;

Destination – Cambodia

Visa required: Yes. All nationalities require a tourist visa.

Exceptions: Citizens of: Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Philippines

Length of stay (max): 30 days. Single entry only.

Cost: 2800yen

Application method: Post or online e-visa.

Online application: Go to this website

You will need to pay by credit card. You will also need a digital photo. No passport required for the application process. You will receive an e-visa email. Simply print and present the e-visa email on airport arrival. There is no visa sticker for your passport

By post – what you will need: Passport, one recent passport-sized photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm), Visa fee (2800yen), application form,

Photocopy of Residence Card (在留カード = zairyuu kaado)

Mail address: Kingdom of Cambodia Tokyo

8-6-9 Akasaka

Minato Ku

Tokyo 107-0052


Ph: 03-5412-8521

Bus. Hours: 9-12   1-4pm

Valid: For 3 months from date of issue.

Destination – India

Visa required: Yes. All nationalities require a tourist visa.

Length of stay (max. ): 6 months

Cost: Varies based on several factors. There is the actual cost of the visa. There is an additional fee if you have been in Japan for less than five years. There is an additional fee if you are unfortunate enough to be American.

Total visa cost: Australians – 9500yen, NZ- 9500yen, Americans 12250yen.

Application method: by post. Send cash through registered mail (genkin kakitome)

What you will need: Application form, photocopy of Gaijin card, one passport-sized photo, original passport valid for at least 6 months, visa fee in cash, self-addressed return envelope without stamps.

Address to: residents of Japan are to send their visa application to the Embassy of India (rather than the Consulate General of India which applies to some other areas of Japan):

Visa (Consular) Section,
Embassy of India.2-2-11,Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo- 102-0074
Tel: (03)3262-2391
Fax: (03)3239-2449
Telex: 232-4886 INDEMB JP

Application form for Indian visa download here

Destination – Thailand

Visa required: No. Visa not required for  Australians, Canadians, Americans, UK citizens, French citizens, New Zealanders, South Africans. Most nationalities do not require a tourist visa.

Length of stay (max): 30 days

Contact: Royal Thai Embassy of Tokyo

Destination – Laos

Visa required: Yes. Most nationalities can obtain a Visa on arrival for US$25-US$42 depending on your nationality.

Length of stay (max): 30 days (single entry)

Address: Embassy of Lao PDR

3-3-22 Nishi-Azabu

Minato Ku


Validity: Within 3 months of issue

Destination – China

Visa required: Yes. Visa required by all nationalities.

Application procedure: In person or by proxy if you are going through the Tokyo Embassy. Application will need to be submitted in person. It can be picked up by a proxy. Alternatively get a travel agent to organize it on your behalf such as JTB Travel, No1 Travel. It helps also to have bought your China ticket through a travel agent in Japan, as they will usually organize a visa for you at a cheaper rate. Mail applications not accepted.

Cost: Single entry 6000yen, Multiple 13000yen. Extra 6000yen for express. JTB Travel agent will do everything for 13000yen.

What you will need: Application form, 2 passport photos, passport

Address: Embassy of China in Tokyo

3-4-33 Moto Azabu

Minato Ku

Tokyo, 106-0046


Ph: 81-3-3403-3388

Office hours: 9-12am only (Monday to Friday)

Helpful info:

For detailed information about what to do at the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, read the following: > Getting a Chinese visa in Japan.

Destination – Guam

Visa required: No. No visa required for Australians,  Koreans, UK citizens, New Zealanders, Americans

Length of stay (max.): 15 days

Exception: 90 days for US citizens. (Guam is a territory of the USA)

Destination – Hong Kong

Visa required: No. No visa required for Australians, UK citizens, New Zealanders or Americans

Destination – New Zealand

Visa required: Most countries, no. Most nationalities do not require a visa. Australians, Americans, Koreans, Japan, Irish and UK nationals, and Canadians do not need a tourist visa(3 months or less).

What you need: Tourist visa is not required. You need a valid passport, return or onwards ticket, sufficient funds for maintenance in New Zealand and a contact address in New Zealand (hotel etc).

Destination – Australia

Visa required: Yes. Tourist visa required OR you can apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) instead. ETA method is highly recommended, not required for New Zealand citizens.

Length of stay (max): Tourist visa – 30 days. ETA – 3 months

Cost: Tourist visa – $70AUD. ETA –free (but $20 online processing fee applies).

Application method: An ETA can only be obtained outside of Australia. You will need a credit card.   Apply here


Destination – South Korea

Visa required: No. Most nationalities do not require a visa. Australians, Americans, New Zealanders, Irish and UK nationals, and Canadians do not need a tourist visa.

Length of stay (max): Length of stay depends on nationality. Australians – 3 months. Americans – 30 days. UK and Irish nationals – 3 months. Canadians – 6 months. NZ – 3 months.

What you need: Tourist visa is not required. You need a valid passport, return or onwards ticket, sufficient funds for maintenance in Korea and a contact address in Korea (hotel etc).

Destination – USA

Visa required: No. Most nationalities do not require a tourist visa as most countries will be covered by a Visa Waiver Agreement.

Australians, New Zealanders, UK nationals and most European countries are covered by this agreement and do not need a tourist visa provided you have a return ticket, be of good character, hold a passport valid for more than 6 months after your visit, and you visit for less than 90 days.

Length of stay: For those on the Visa Waiver Program, you can stay up to 90 days.

NOTE: Your passport must be machine readable.

Website link:


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