Frequently Asked Questions

I got a notification slip from Japan Post, but I was out.  How do I get a package redelivered to my home?

Try this!

And try this!


I want to rent a car, but it’s a bit hard because I’m a foreigner.  As a foreigner, where can I rent a car in Shimane?

Try this!

There is a car dealership in Izumo called Kasuga (春日).  They are open to renting cars to foreigners and ALTs across Shimane.  Here is their address and contact information:


Tekephone Number:  0853-23-2345


I like Apple products and I want to order an Apple computer and maybe an iPhone.  Can I order apple products from the Apple Store in Japan without a Japanese credit card? 

Yes, you sure can.  And you can get customer support in English too.

Try this site:



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